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EMC Data Domain Encryption

EMC Data Domain Encryption provides encryption of data-at-rest that safeguards user data in the event of theft or loss of physical storage media using industry-standard RSA® BSAFE FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic libraries. With DD Encryption, backup and archive data is stored on a Data Domain system with encryption and compression performed inline—before the data is written to disk. It is supported on the following EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems:

Key Features

  • Secure Data Management: Encrypts all user data using administrator selectable, industry-standard 128-bit or 256-bit AES algorithms
  • Inline Encryption: Integrates with inline deduplication to encrypt data as it is written to disk to ensure your entire system is protected
  • Key Management and Integrity: Leverage built-in internal key management or external key management via RSA Data Protection Manager

EMC Data Domain Comparison

Data Domain Series DD2500 DD4200 DD4500 DD7200 DD9500
Max Usable Capacity 133.0 TB 189.0 TB 285.0 TB 428.0 TB 864.0 TB
Logical Capacity 1.3-6.6 PB 1.8-9.4 PB 2.8-14.2 PB 4.2-21.4 PB 8.6-43.2 PB
Tape Libraries Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP
Logical Capacity 1.3 PB 1.8 PB 2.8 PB 4.2 PB 43.2 PB
Logical Capacity w/ DD extended

  3.7-18.9 PB 5.7-28.5 PB 8.5-42.8 PB 17.2-86.4 PB
Max Throughput


5.6 TB/hr 10.6 TB/hr 10.6 TB/hr 12.6 TB/hr 27.7 TB/hr
MAXIMUM THROUGHPUT (DD BOOST) 13.4 TB/hr 25.6 TB/hr 25.6 TB/hr 28.6 TB/hr 58.7 TB/hr
Cooling Requirements (Max) 1705.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr  

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