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Data Domain

Key Features

High-Speed Deduplication

Deduplication reduces the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect data by an average of 10 to 30 times, making disk a cost-effective alternative to tape. Data on disk is available online and onsite for longer retention periods, and restores become fast and reliable.

EMC Data Domain systems deduplicate data inline—during the backup and archive process—so that the data lands on disk already deduplicated, requiring a fraction of the disk space of the original dataset.

Seamless Integration

EMC Data Domain Deduplication Storage systems integrate easily with existing infrastructures and can be used seamlessly with a variety of data movers across both backup and archive workloads. This enables a single Data Domain system to be used for backup and recovery of the entire enterprise including Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, IBM i, and mainframe environments as well as file and email, database, and enterprise content management archiving.

Network-Efficient Replication

With Data Domain systems, organizations can replicate backup and archive data offsite faster, with minimal bandwidth for safe, tape-free disaster recovery. Data Domain systems provide flexible replication topologies to optimize your backups such as full system mirroring, selective, bidirectional, many-to-one, one-to-many, and cascaded.

Safety and Reliability

The EMC Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture provides the industry’s best defense against data integrity issues. Inline write and read verification protects against, and automatically recovers from, data integrity issues during data ingest and retrieval. Unlike other enterprise arrays or file systems, continuous fault detection and self-healing features protect data throughout its lifecycle on all Data Domain systems.

Data Domain Series DD2500 DD4200 DD4500 DD7200 DD9500
Max Usable Capacity 133.0 TB 189.0 TB 285.0 TB 428.0 TB 864.0 TB
Logical Capacity 1.3-6.6 PB 1.8-9.4 PB 2.8-14.2 PB 4.2-21.4 PB 8.6-43.2 PB
Tape Libraries Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP
Logical Capacity 1.3 PB 1.8 PB 2.8 PB 4.2 PB 43.2 PB
Logical Capacity w/ DD extended

  3.7-18.9 PB 5.7-28.5 PB 8.5-42.8 PB 17.2-86.4 PB
Max Throughput


5.6 TB/hr 10.6 TB/hr 10.6 TB/hr 12.6 TB/hr 27.7 TB/hr
MAXIMUM THROUGHPUT (DD BOOST) 13.4 TB/hr 25.6 TB/hr 25.6 TB/hr 28.6 TB/hr 58.7 TB/hr
Cooling Requirements (Max) 1705.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr  

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