EMC DD2500 Backup


The EMC Data Domain DD2500 system lets you consolidate backup and archive data onto one easy-to-manage platform that provides the data protection your business needs.

Data Domain systems are the fastest deduplication storage on the market. Inline deduplication reduces the amount of disk storage you need for backup data by an average of 10-30 times, making disk a cost-effective alternative to tape backup. You benefit from better data protection because you’ll complete more backups within limited windows.

Data recovery is quicker because you can keep disk backups online and on-site for longer periods. Disaster recovery is cost-effective and fast because efficient deduplication lets you use your existing network to replicate data to your DR site. The Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture takes care of continuous recovery verification, fault detection, and self-healing, so you can always recover or access your data.

Key features:

  • EMC Data Domain DD2500 system supporting:
    1. Up to 13.4 TB/hr throughput
    2. Up to 6.6 PB logical capacity
    3. Up to 133 TB usable capacity
  • Includes Data Domain System Manager, a web-based interface for data and replication management
  • Integrates with leading backup and archiving applications.

EMC DD2500 Comparison


Data Domain Series DD2500 DD4200 DD4500 DD7200
Max Usable Capacity 133.0 TB 189.0 TB 285.0 TB 428.0 TB
Solution Size (Users) 500 to 1,000 users More than 1,000 users More than 1,000 users More than 1,000 users
Tape Libraries Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP
Logical Capacity (Standard) 1.3 PB 1.8 PB 2.8 PB 4.2 PB
Logical Capacity (Redundant) 6.6 PB 9.4 PB 14.2 PB 21.4 PB
Max Throughput 13.4 TB/hr 22.0 TB/hr 22.0 TB/hr 26.0 TB/hr
Max Throughput (without DD Boost) 5.3 TB/hr 10.2 TB/hr 10.2 TB/hr 11.9 TB/hr
Cooling Requirements (Max) 1705.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr
Power Dissipation (Max) 500.0 W 760.0 W 760.0 W 760.0 W

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