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EMC DD9500 Backup

Step up to industry-leading speed and scale for backup, archive, and disaster recovery with EMC Data Domain DD9500 for protection storage.

Protect more data, faster. The DD9500 offers your large enterprise the highest throughput and capacity in our Data Domain family. Throughput of up to 58.7 terabytes per hour enables the DD9500 to back up 470 TB in less than 8 hours.

The DD9500 supports 1,080 concurrent backup streams, which lets you consolidate backups for as many as 540 remote sites. Retire tape backups and cut infrastructure costs with high-speed, variable-length deduplication that reduces your storage requirements by 10-30x.

Key Features

  • EMC Data Domain DD7200 system supporting:
    1. Up to 26 TB/hr throughput
    2. Up to 21.4 PB logical capacity
    3. Up to 428 TB usable capacity
  • Includes Data Domain System Manager, a web-based interface for data and replication management
  • Works with industry-leading backup and archiving applications

EMC DD9500 Comparison

Data Domain Series DD2500 DD4200 DD4500 DD7200 DD9500
Max Usable Capacity 133.0 TB 189.0 TB 285.0 TB 428.0 TB 864.0 TB
Logical Capacity 1.3-6.6 PB 1.8-9.4 PB 2.8-14.2 PB 4.2-21.4 PB 8.6-43.2 PB
Tape Libraries Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP Sun, ADIC, IBM, HP
Logical Capacity 1.3 PB 1.8 PB 2.8 PB 4.2 PB 43.2 PB
Logical Capacity w/ DD extended

  3.7-18.9 PB 5.7-28.5 PB 8.5-42.8 PB 17.2-86.4 PB
Max Throughput


5.6 TB/hr 10.6 TB/hr 10.6 TB/hr 12.6 TB/hr 27.7 TB/hr
MAXIMUM THROUGHPUT (DD BOOST) 13.4 TB/hr 25.6 TB/hr 25.6 TB/hr 28.6 TB/hr 58.7 TB/hr
Cooling Requirements (Max) 1705.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr 2593.0 BTU/hr  

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