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EMC Isilon A-Series Accelerator nodes allow you to easily scale performance of your Isilon cluster independent of capacity. You can now get the performance you need to meet tight backup windows and support critical applications and workloads.

EMC Isilon A100 Backup Accelerator

The Isilon A100 Backup Accelerator is purpose-built to accelerate the backup process and integrate seamlessly into your Isilon cluster. Each A100 Backup Accelerator can drive up to four uncompressed LTO-5 tape drives, delivering backup speeds of up to 1.7 terabytes per hour to help your organization meet tight backup windows.

Integrate easily with industry-standard tape infrastructure and backup software and processes. Support both two-way and three-way Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) to accommodate a wide range of infrastructure environments.

Leverage your existing data protection infrastructure investment and simplify management.

EMC Isilon A100 Performance Accelerator

The Isilon A100 Performance Accelerator is designed for demanding applications and workloads that require maximum performance. With 256 GB of L1 cache per node and an aggregate throughput of 1100 MB/S per node, the A100 Performance Accelerator allows you to reduce latency and increase concurrent read throughput for a cached dataset while gaining the ability to scale performance independent of capacity.

Support demanding high performance workflows and accelerate cluster operations including disk and node rebuilds, file striping, and file-based replication.


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