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Balance cost-effective data storage with your need for quick access. With its economical nearline solution, the EMC Isilon NL-Series bridges the gap between costly, high-performance, primary storage and inexpensive, management-intensive, off-line storage solutions.

Simple Installation and Management

Be online and serving data in less than 10 minutes without time-consuming, expensive integration services. Eliminate the need for multiple volumes with easily managed single pool of storage with a global namespace from EMC Isilon.

Cost Savings

Reduce capital outlay and increase overall storage efficiency through high utilization rates—storage with fewer spindles. Enjoy ultra-high density and the best dollar per terabyte value of any Isilon offering in a system that can scale to over 20PB.

Data Protection, Recovery, and Archiving

Significantly improve your existing tape backup, archiving, and data protection efforts while supporting a multisite replication strategy. Meet business and legal requirements by adding economical storage and rapid disk-based access to reference data.


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