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EMC RecoverPoint makes protecting data a simple and straight forward task. RecoverPoint consolidates local and remote protection into a single solution and provides point-in-time DVR-like data recovery capabilities to deliver continuous data protection. Using RecoverPoint, you can instantly access replicated data for disaster recovery, operational recovery, testing, and more. EMC RecoverPoint is a SAN-based data protection solution that does not consume valuable CPU cycles. It is packaged either as a virtual machine or pre-bundled in a RecoverPoint Appliance (RPA), which is installed on the SAN. EMC’s VNX, VMAX, and VPLEX products have embedded support for RecoverPoint.

  • Continuous Data Protection:
    1. Protects against data corruption, human errors, or viruses – anything that would require you to recover to a point, ideally just prior to when the error occurred
    2. RecoverPoint’s DVR-like roll-back enables you to recover to any point in time for optimal restart and minimal data loss
    3. Allows instant access to replicated data for disaster recovery, testing, or data repurposing
  • Multi-Site and Multi-Copy Replication:
    1. Fan-in: Replicate data from multiple sites to a consolidated site
    2. Fan-out: Replicate the same data to multiple targets for increased protection or repurposing (i.e., test and development in parallel to disaster recovery)
  • VMware SRM Integration: Unique ability to recover to any point in time with VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager) in a failover or test scenario vs. being limited to the last point in time as the only choice with the standard SRM implementation.
  • Minimizes Bandwidth Requirements: Reduce costs with RecoverPoint’s policy-driven bandwidth reduction, data deduplication and compression technology. Replicate synchronously or asynchronously over IP or Fibre Channel.

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