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EMC ViPR: Lightweight, software-only product that transforms existing storage into a simple, extensible, and open platform. It can deliver fully automated storage services and realize the full potential of the software-defined data center.

VNX Series Software


VNX FAST Suite software contains FAST Cache and FAST VP, when combined with Flash drives, facilitates your FLASH 1st strategy.

Application Protection

Automate application-consistent copies of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Oracle for assured recovery. Get alerts when there are recovery gaps, and prove protection policy compliance.

Local Protection

Gain any-point-in-time recovery of production applications with minimal data exposure. Use copies of production data for development, testing, reporting, and other tasks.

Remote Protection

Provide block and file replication for disaster recovery protection of any host and any application, with immediate digital video recorder (DVR)-like recovery to any point in time.

Security and Compliance

Protect data from unwanted changes and other actions. Data is encrypted where created and protected anywhere outside the server. File-level retention supports compliance.

EMC Storage Analytics

Gain actionable intelligence on performance and capacity anomalies, proactively resolving any EMC VNX issues.

VNX Total Protection Pack

The VNX Total Protection Pack is a software bundle that provides a full complement of data protection solutions, ranging from snapshots and CDP (Continuous Data Protection) to remote mirroring.

VNX Total Efficiency Pack

VNX Total Efficiency Pack software provides a comprehensive set of storage and data management software to help you boost application performance, protect critical information, and reduce storage costs.

EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance/VE

EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance/VE optimizes network-attached storage (NAS) infrastructure by moving inactive data to lower-cost tiers of storage, reclaiming primary storage capacity.

DataDomain Software

Data Domain Boost

Get faster, more efficient backup and disaster recovery.

Data Domain Encryption

EMC Data Domain Encryption provides encryption of data-at-rest that safeguards user data in the event of theft or loss of physical storage media using industry-standard RSA® BSAFE FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic libraries.

Data Domain Replicator

EMC Data Domain Replicator software provides automated, policy-based, network-efficient and encrypted replication for disaster recovery and multi-site backup consolidation.

Data Domain Retention Lock

EMC Data Domain Retention Lock software enables IT organizations to efficiently store and manage retention of archive data for both governance and compliance on a single Data Domain system.

Data Domain Virtual Tape Library

EMC Data Domain Virtual Tape Library software enables Data Domain systems to emulate tape devices, eliminating tape-related failures.

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