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EMC VNXe3300

With scalability from six up to 120 disk drives and 240 terabytes of capacity, the VNXe3300 is ready to meet the needs of growing organisations with increasingly complex storage requirements. EMC VNXe3300 is an ideal platform for business with physical server infrastructure, as well as those making the move to server virtualisation to drive consolidation and greater efficiency.

Key Features

  • Optimized: Add any required mix of performance SAS, NL-SAS, or Flash drives to meet capacity and performance needs.
  • Unified: Add storage that can be shared by SAN for applications and NAS for CIFS or NFS shares.
  • Flexible: Efficiently expand your array – adding both performance and capacity per your business needs – by mixing and matching drive types within the same enclosure.
  • Small Footprint: Select from 2.5” and 3.5” disk drives and enclosures to match your needs for high performance, I/O density, and high capacity in the smallest system footprint.

EMC VNXe3300 Comparison

VNXe Series VNXe3100 VNXe3150 VNXe3300
Max No. Drives 96 ? 120
Total Raw Capacity 192 TB 288 TB 240 TB
Supported LUNs Up to 128/256 (single/dual) Up to 256 Up to 512
Max LUN Size 2TB 2 TB 2TB
Max File System Size 16TB 16 TB 16TB
Drive Types SAS, NL-SAS SAS, NL-SAS, Flash SAS, NL-SAS, Flash (Plan’d)
File: No of X-Blades Integrated ? Integrated
Block: No of Storage Processors 1 or 2 2 2
Block Protocols iSCSI iSCSI iSCSI
Management and Base Software • Unisphere
• Protocols
• File DeDupe / Compression
• Thin Provisioning
• Snapshots
• Unisphere
• Remote Multisystem Management
• Unisphere
• Protocols
• File DeDupe / Compression
• Thin Provisioning
• Snapshots

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